2 PostDoc positions at Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg on remote sensing and machine learning / rem. sens. and modelling

In a joint activity between the the remote sensing group (geography) and applied mathematics / patter recognition lab (computer sciences) we seek two PostDoc candidates for a 2-year position each in the university funded incubator project “Tapping the Potential of Earth Observation (TAPE)”. Positions start April 2019, application deadline is 20 January 2019 but we accept applications until the positions are filled.

The PostDoc in the field MathGeo will work on developing and implementing algorithms to improve automated products from cryosphere remote sensing products (e.g. gap filling) and on improved error estimation for remote sensing informed modelling. For more information please see:

The other PostDoc will use deep learning techniques to derive various remote sensing products from different existing data sets. Some of the envisaged applications have a cryosphere focus. For more details see:

Questions or feedbacks may be directed to Matthias Braun (

We are looking forward to receiving your contribution,

The TAPE team
Matthias Braun, Eberhard Bänsch, Andreas Maier, Hannes Feilhauer, Johannes Fürst