Institutskolloquium Kulturgeographie & Physische Geographie – 13.06.2018

Diversities and inequities in urban tree species richness, abundance and uses in small towns in South Africa

Charlie Shackelton (Rhodes University Südafrika)

This paper will present findings from ongoing studies in small, secondary towns in South Africa regarding the extent, types and uses of trees in public and private spaces. It will contrast patterns between and within towns to highlight and interrogate stark contrasts and inequalities in provision of the services provided by urban trees to urban residents. It will show the role of development history in shaping the nature of these urban forests.


Wann: Mittwoch, 13.06.2018 um 12:15 Uhr
Wo: Hörsaal C, Kochstr. 4 (Eingang Hindenburgstraße)

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