Institutskolloquium Physische Geographie – 04.07.2018


Forests and Wood Industries in Iran, challenges and opportunities
Kambiz Pourtahmasi (University of Tehran, Iran)

Usage of wood and paper products has been increased in Iran by changing of life style, development of cities and also growing of population. In order to cover such big demands, most of the materials have been imported to Iran. However, in the recent years, many new industries have been built up which can produce these materials inside the country. Accordingly, need for raw materials have dramatically increased. Nowadays, the wood and paper industries are using more than 5 million cubic meters (CM) of wood as raw materials. On the other hand, the natural forests of Iran cover less than 10% of the total country land. The narrow belt of Hyrcanian forests of Iran with the approximately 1.7 million hectares can be considered as the Iran’s main productive forests. However, these forests are under pressure of over exploitation, illegal cuttings and land use change. The only remaining chance is focusing on tree plantations by fast growing wooden species. These challenges and opportunities will be discussed in this talk..

Wann: Mittwoch, 04.07.2018 um 12:15 Uhr
Wo: Hörsaal C, Kochstr. 4 (Eingang Hindenburgstraße)

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