Institutskolloquium Physische Geographie – 30.10.2019

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ice cliffs

Vorstellung der fertigen Masterarbeit zum Thema „Glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro – Mass balance modelling, ice thickness reconstruction and future projection“

Catrin Stadelmann (FAU)

Glaciers in the tropics have shown a severe retreat since the Last Glacial Maximum and the glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro are no exception, with an 85% reduction in glacier area from 1912 to 2013. For most of the ice bodies located in the inner tropics, rising air temperatures are the main reason for their rapid recession. On Kilimanjaro, on the other hand, research has shown that glaciers are influenced mostly by the variability in precipitation amount and frequency, instead of rising temperatures. Apart from the unique location in the low latitudes, glaciers on Kilimanjaro are also located at high altitudes in the mid-troposphere, which enables research of glacier climate interactions between the ice surface and the surrounding atmosphere. This presentation summarizes the methodology and key findings of the master thesis, where state-of-the-art techniques from satellite remote sensing and glacier mass balance modelling were combined with data assimilation, to infer glacier ice thickness and produce a rough estimate on the glacier evolution of two selected glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro.   

Wann: Mittwoch, 30.10.2019 um 12:30 Uhr
Wo: Seminarraum 2, 00.175, Wetterkreuz 15, Tennenlohe

Gesamtübersicht Institutskolloquium Wintersemester 2019/2020


Zukünftig werden pro Semester bis zu vier Kolloquiumsvorträge im Hörsaal C (Kochstr. 4, Innenstadt) angeboten.
Zusätzlich finden spezielle, mehr forschungsorientierte Kolloquiumsvorträge in den Seminarräumen im Institut für Geographie (Wetterkreuz 15, Erlangen-Tennenlohe) statt.

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