Institutskolloquium – 06.05.2020

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Full Stokes ice-flow modeling of the high-Alpine glacier saddle Colle Gnifetti, Monte Rosa

Dr. Carlo Licciulli

The high-Alpine ice-core drilling site Colle Gnifetti (CG), Monte Rosa, Swiss/Italian Alps, provides climate records over the last millennium and beyond. However, the full exploitation of the oldest part of the existing ice cores requires complementary knowledge of the intricate glacio-meteorological settings, including glacier dynamics. In this seminar we present new ice-flow modeling studies of CG, focused on characterizing the flow at two neighboring drill sites in the eastern part of the glacier. The calculations are performed using a 3-D full Stokes ice-flow model, which is thermo-mechanically coupled, includes firn rheology, firn densification, enthalpy transport, and is implemented using the finite element software Elmer/Ice. Measurements of surface velocities, accumulation, borehole inclination, density and englacial temperatures are used to validate the model output. In particular, the model is used to calculate backward trajectories and map ice-core catchment areas. This procedure is required to constrain so-called upstream effects for the stable water isotope time series of the recovered ice cores. The model also provides a 3-D age field of the glacier and independent ice-core chronologies, which are consistent with experimental dating results (layer counting and 14C measurements) at four out of five ice-cores sites. Model results are a valuable addition to the existing glaciological and ice-core datasets. This especially concerns the quantitative estimate of upstream conditions affecting the interpretation of the deep ice-core layers.


Wann: Mittwoch, 06.05.2020 um 12:15 Uhr
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