Mountains of Tajikistan – Nature and People at the Forefront of Climate Change – 10.01.2020

Research symposium on the life and future of Central Asian mountain communities

Join us for an casual evening of talks, discussion, chatting and music!
Everyone welcome! – Free Entry – The event will be in English!

Wann: Freitag, 10. Januar 2020
18.30 until 21:30 Uhr thematic program, from 21:30 Uhr social event
Wo: Iwalewahaus, Universität Bayreuth, Wölfelstraße 2; 95444 Bayreuth (Iwalewahaus Bayreuth)

The Pamirs in Tajikistan, a high mountain region in Central Asia, faces challenges arising from climate and environmental change, and from economic and political influence mainly imposed from outside the region. Climatic change is characterized by increasing temperatures and changing precipitation patterns, alongside increasing variability and unpredictability of the weather. This has direct influences on the natural ecosystems and prevalent land use systems. The remote location of the Pamirs within a border region and its marginal economic situation, acquires the development of climate adaptation strategies by the local communities. Transdisciplinary research in close cooperation with these communities reveals new insights in local knowledge and how sustainable action can be taken. To generate joint knowledge and adaptation strategies a strong and respectful relationship with the local communities in the project regions is obligatory. This research symposium aims to highlight different topics relevant to this region by inviting national and international experts with a profound experience in the region. During and after the academic event, social activities give further insights into the region and give room for further discussions with finger food and drinks.

Program, abstracts and more information: