Promotion erfolgreich abgeschlossen – Mahmuda Islam & Mizanur Rahman

Mahmuda Islam & Mizanur Rahman (Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Achim Bräuning)
haben am 4. & 18. Juli 2019
erfolgreich ihre Promotionen abgeschlossen.

Das Institut gratuliert ganz herzlich!


PhD graduation of Mahmuda Islam and Mizanur Rahman

On July 4 and 18, Mahmuda Islam and Mizanur Rahman defended their PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Bräuning with very good results. Mizanur had a research grant from DAAD, and Mahmuda first accompanied him as his wife, before she began her own PhD thesis after studying 40 ECTS in the MSc program of Physical Geography. Mahmuda and Mizanur both worked on dendroecological aspects of tropical moist forests in Bangladesh. While Mizanur focused on tree growth, carbon sequestration and modelling growth under future climate conditions, Mahmuda studied the adaptation of wood anatomical structures of different tree species, and related changes of the hydraulic conductivity under drought conditions. Both did pioneer work in the dendroecology of Bangladesh’s tropical forests. As an extremely efficient research team, they published ten articles in peer-reviewed international journals in only four years, besides taking her on the education of their sun. At the end of July, they returned back to Bangladesh to work in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Science of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. We congratulate Dr. Mizanur and Dr. Mahmuda for successfully completing their graduation and wish them all the best for their future career.

Foto: Th. Sokoliuk









Foto: P. Foroozan