Rigorosum Elham Elzami – 12.07.2018

Im Rahmen der mündlichen Doktorprüfung spricht
Elham Elzami

zum Thema
Ökologische Interpretation von Variationen der Holzdichte und der Holzanatomie von Fagus orientalis Lipsky und Fagus sylvatica L. in Beziehung zu Klimafaktoren und Umweltgradienten
Ecological Interpretation of variations of wood density and wood anatomy of Fagus orientalis Lipsky and Fagus sylvatica L. in relation to climatic parameters and environmental gradients

Global climate change might cause changes in tree growth and functionality. Beech (Fagus sp.) forms a group of important forest species which are sensitive to these changes and affected by them. Oriental beech is mainly distributed in the narrow strip of the Hyrcanian forests along the Caspian Sea in north Iran, where a strong thermal and moisture gradient from west to east is developed. We used this gradient as an opportunity to study the sensitivity of Oriental beech to meteorological variables manifested in annual radial growth, vessel traits, hydraulic conductivity, and wood density.

In a separate approach of this study, radial growth and xylem anatomical features of different populations of Oriental beech trees were compared with European ones, planted side by side in a common garden in northern Germany and we conclude that Oriental beech is more adaptable to the drier climate.

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Achim Bräuning

Wann: Donnerstag, den 12. Juli 2018
Wo: 12.15 Uhr pünktlich im Seminarraum 00.175, Wetterkreuz 15 in Erlangen-Tennenlohe

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