Topic for a master thesis in the „Climate & Environmental Sciences“ program, area „modeling & simulation“:

Debris covered glaciers pose a special difficulty to the long term simulation of glacier development, due to a number of non-linear feedback mechanisms. In order to shed light on some of these processes a simplified model experiment is designed to investigate the interaction between ice dynamics, surface mass balance and the effect of different supra-glacial debris concentrations. Based on a given numerical model setup for ice dynamics, the candidate will preform model runs to test different hypothesis of debris accumulation, transport and its effect on the transient ice ablation. The outcome of the project should provide ideas on the dynamic effect of supra-glacial debris on the glacier evolution in the ablation zone.

The project would be in collaboration with Dr. Christoph Mayer, Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Munich. Please contact J. Fürst or T. Mölg if you are interested.