Research Group Regional Development (Prof. Dr. Tobias Chilla)


We analyse and support regional development – across Europe and in our regional context. An important part of our work is innovative mapping, visualisation and cartography.


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We focus on the following thematic fields:

Regional Economic Geography

We focus on economic geography from a strongly regionalised perspective. Reference projects:

  • DFG (2024-2026): Regionale Wertschöpfung in Grenzräumen am Beispiel der Lebensmittelwirtschaft
  • BLE Krux (2023-2026): Kultur in ländlichen Räumen zwischen endogenen und exogenen Faktoren
  • INTERREG Alpine Space AlpTextyles (2022-25)
  • BMBF Reprola (2018-23): Regionalproduktspezifisches Landmanagement in Stadt-Land-Partnerschaften am Beispiel der Metropolregion Nürnberg
  • Räumliches Monitoring zum Siemens-Campus in Erlangen (mit Prof. Glasze; i.A. Siemens AG, seit 2014)
  • INTERREG AlpBioEco (2018/19)
  • INTERREG Luigi (2021/22)

Border Studies

We focus on border regions from an academic and from a policy perspective. Processes of spatial integration are of particular importance. Reference projects:

Mountain research in the Alps

We focus on alpine spatial development from an applied and conceptual perspective. Reference projects:


Our regional and international network includes a large number of actors from all research areas of the working group: